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Green Printing using Biodegradable Inks on Recycled Papers is probably not a bad idea even if you don't believe the Gore campaign! Almost all papers are becoming partially recycled, and there is no need to compromise your quality! There are now many papers that are FSC certified and other groups. In the event that your business activity might actually benefit the planet, why not? What do you have against the planet? Generally speaking, it's not the cheapest method, but not very expensive either! But if you are limited by your financial resources, but are still interested, we can create a suitable solution. Contact us. At InnovaCorp, we have been providing environment-firendly printing solutions for sometime - almost at the same cost as regular printing!





  Tri-fold brochures are useful vehicles for leaving with a prospect about your products and services. They can also be used as direct mail pieces, or as response-generators for a specific product or service.  



Print Marketing is the least intrusive but most effective form of marketing. People don't like to receive junk mail, but they still want a printed piece specifically targeted towards their needs.


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