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InnovaCorp offers a wide variety of Direct Mail Marketing and Fulfillment solutions. Our turnkey solutions include ...

Mail Lists & Sales Leads

Data Management Services

Mailpiece Concept & Design

Printing - Digital & Offset

Finishing - Folding, Inserting, Sealing

Addressing & Barcoding

Mailing - Standard or First Class

We can take pretty much any of your data files, convert them and analyze them using our AccuZip software them for Address Hygiene, and Save you postage money!

If don't already have a Mail List, we can provide you one - accurate, USPS-DPV tested, and affordable!

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What exactly is your Unique Selling Proposition?
Planning Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy
(Originally published in BusinessWise, 2005 as part of an article, 'How effective is your marketing?' by Ven Kurvari)

Develop a marketing strategy that incorporates Direct Mail Marketing method as part of other marketing methods as an integral part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy. The 'integrated approach' is even more important if yours is a B2B type business, since it's more difficult to reach a decision maker in a company. It's always useful to set measurable goals, map out strategies and mobilize your resources towards attaining them. The strategy should consider such things as your 'unique selling proposition', your 'positioning' within the market place, your model customer, and other 'big picture' items that are likely to influence the outcome of your marketing campaigns.

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The market, like the Lord, helps those who help themselves.
But, unlike the Lord, the market does not forgive those who know not what they do.

--- Warren Buffet
Berkshire Hathaway 1983 Annual Report
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