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WEBMAGIQ offers full web design and graphic design services for your company, from sole traders to international giants. We can make a huge difference to your website traffic and your sales by ensuring your website achieves 'first page' listings on the major search engines. This means that potential customers who are actively searching for your company's products or services will click on your website first and not your competitor's.

WEBMAGIQ Technologies develops Internet strategies for the digital economy - building your brand, increasing revenue, improving customer loyalty, boosting stock value, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow. WEBMAGIQ builds, manage and promote the perfect online presence for small business to medium business companies with our web development team. We evaluate your needs and tailor the solution that suits your strategy. The expertise of our design team and the span of our technical resources, places us at the cutting edge of new developments in site construction. We also have consultants in UK & US so that you can interact on any issues locally without the hassle of time zone differences.

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New Media - CDs, Websites...

CDs are marvelous carriers of unbelievable amounts of data, and can include audio and video files. CDs are great for a forward-looking company whose marketing targets likely to include technology-savvy clients. CDs are like the Sales Kits of the future!

CDs are available in various shapes - Business Card CDs, and other special shapes and sizes. Contact us for details.

We provide CD replication (starting as low as $1.35). We also provide direct printing on the CD in One color or Full color process printing.

We also provide website design, development, and update services through WebMagiq.com. Please visit www.WebMagiq.com.
Call us for details.


The average sale takes about 6 contacts to make.
The average salesperson quits after two.
For many services like law, the average sale takes about 12 contacts 

- Jerry Fritz

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