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InnovaCorp offers a wide variety of Direct Mail Marketing and Fulfillment solutions. Our turnkey solutions include ...

Mail Lists & Sales Leads

Data Management Services

Mailpiece Concept & Design

Printing - Digital & Offset

Finishing - Folding, Inserting, Sealing

Addressing & Barcoding

Mailing - Standard or First Class

We can take pretty much any of your data files, convert them and analyze them using our AccuZip software them for Address Hygiene, and Save you postage money!

If don't already have a Mail List, we can provide you one - accurate, USPS-DPV tested, and affordable!

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Selecting and Targeting Your Audience
(Potential Customers)

(Modified from the originally published article in BusinessWise, 2005, 'How effective is your marketing?' by Ven Kurvari)

The success of Direct Mail Marketing depends heavily on the Target Database. After all, you may have the best offer in the world, but if you send it to the wrong audience, your results are not likely to be encouraging. Here are three simple ways to get the 'right' mailing list.

Identify your best customers, based on the recency, frequency and the monetary value of the purchases they made.

Understand your Model Customer, using some form of Customer Modeling.

Get more prospects that closely resemble your Model Customers.

The mailing lists can be purchased from large, national vendors like Dun&Bradstreet, Experian and InfoUSA, or from small local vendors like InnovaCorp. You can even create your own 'house list'.

InnovaCorp Advantage
When you buy your list from us, you are automatically at an advantage. Here are three reasons ...

1. Since we have your success in mind, we will get you the right list the first time! Using Appropriate Selection Criteria for Your Business.

2. Since we don't actually compile the databases (except for our own), we are always looking for the most Accurate and Up-to-date Databases just like you are, and we are constantly trying to identify the best vendor for this purpose. So we can make sure you get the best product on the market!

3. Less expensive, our pricing may be the best bargain you have seen in years! We are a small business, constantly juggling, and balancing cashflows and budgets, so we can feel your pain ...


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