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Green Printing using Biodegradable Inks on Recycled Papers is probably not a bad idea even if you don't believe the Gore campaign! Almost all papers are becoming partially recycled, and there is no need to compromise your quality! There are now many papers that are FSC certified and other groups. In the event that your business activity might actually benefit the planet, why not? What do you have against the planet? Generally speaking, it's not the cheapest method, but not very expensive either! But if you are limited by your financial resources, but are still interested, we can create a suitable solution. Contact us. At InnovaCorp, we have been providing environment-firendly printing solutions for sometime - almost at the same cost as regular printing!






  Business Stationery
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InnovaCorp has many years of experience and expertise in producing quality stationery for all your needs. Our skilled personnel can create the best possible solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for simple, one-color standard Business Cards, or an elegantly stylized stationery that use complex processes such as Thermography, Foil Stamping, Blind Embossing, Debossing, or any of the other techniques that are available.

Here are some things for you to think about when deciding for the first time...

  • Thermography gives you the 'RAISED' feeling when you run your fingers on the paper .. If you like that, it's good! Because it's relatively inexpensive process. But remember, it's also extremely popular which means you won't stand out if that's what you are looking for!
  • Flat printing can be very elegant, and is the best solution if you are working with 'solids' screens etc. It's versatile, and lets you use a variety of stocks and processes. And you can differentiate your image!
  • Blind embossing, Debossing, Foil Stamping, etc processes require a metal Die (custom-created for your company or name), which means there are additional upfront charges. And the size is 'fixed' to the Die size. But it does give you that extra something, if that's what matters!
  • One Color printing is the least expensive and a very good way to get started! Better yet, combine One Color printing with custom 'Shells', and you got yourself a nice deal - looks and price! You can use PMS inks, soy inks, metallic inks, as well!
  • Two Color is elegant and moderately priced. The Best way for a mature company to keep things going! And of course, you use PMS inks to keep things standardized and consistent. You can use soy / vegetable inks to do your part to save our beleagured planet! You can use metallic inks to keep things shining!
  • Full Color prinitng is, shall we say, colorful? Color attracts, More Color attracts more, and Absolute Color attracts absolutely ... some people like the color look and humans (they say) are inherently drawn to color. And if you are not one of those B/W sophisticates, it may well serve your purpose and the look you are looking for. It tends to be more expensive, and color cannot be controlled easily (since it is printed using CMYK process, by mixing inks to produce colors). InnovaCorp has made its name in full color Buisness Cards before the online vendors made them extra-cheap price wise and looks wise!
  • Digital Full Color (toner-based color laser printing or copying) is less expensive, short-term, 'quick' solution and is a very good way to put out fires at the last minute. But it can't possibly be permanent solution for serious business. Innova has many Digital machines to take care of those last minute demands, and we sometimes use them while we are working on the real thing!
  • Paper textures are many, and they keep changing. Briefly speaking, there are Smooths (that have smooth surface), Linens (that have a linen type weave look), Laids (with horizontal ridges), and Fibers (with other stuff - differently colored fibers, speckles, etc). Smooth is good, Linen is better. That's all. At InnovaCorp, we carry both as house stocks.
  • The paper colors can be white, natural-off white, ivory, and other colors and shades and tints etc. White is an all time favorite. You rlaser printer prints best on white, the copiers tend to see the writing on white a bit better, so white tends to be popular.
  • Paper weights have gone out of their normal operating range into heavier and heavier stocks. They use more pulp, expensive to buy, are heavier in your pocket, harder on your laser machines, and come fewer to a box or pocket! But if you have designer, they tend to recommend the heavier stocks since the design looks better on heavier papers! InnovaCorp has lots of experience with these heavier papers and some of them don't run well on offset presses either! The standard 24 lb stationery (for letterhead and envelopes) is generally watermarked, but the heavier ones are not!
  • Metallic papers, Gloss papers, Plastic-look papers, Leather-look / Suede papers are available and are only good for Business Cards or other limited uses. At InnovaCorp, we spent many hours working these papers, and we do some more if you need us to! Some of these papers may need special 'Oxidizing inks' and we use them as well as necessary!
  • Inks can be biodegrable, planet -friendly. Most printing companies want to have nothing to do with them since their machines are optimized with traditional inks by the press manufacturers. Worse, some may even say they will use soy inks, but may not (can you tell the difference?). We at InnovaCorp love our soy inks - since it seems like it's the right thing to do!

Our business didn't grow of its own accord.
We didn't simply sit still and do nothing......

John D Rockefeller (1917)



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