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It's important to consider the end stage of the printed piece. While you may have the best looking piece in your hand but if you can not cut, score, or fold properly, you may not have the desired look, and maybe even the desired result.

A professional print manufacturing company with appropriate equipment is a better value from this point of view. The 'Big Box' retailers may have the latest copiers or printers but they may not know how to properly use the equipment for your purpose. And very often, they don't have a well-equipped 'finishing' department to take care of your particular needs.





  Flyers are great for quick distribution at an business event or meeting. Or for any quick sale or marketing of an idea - that last minute idea you want to test out before spending time and resources in creating a fancy brochure.

Our Riso Digital Duplicator (with RIP) spot color press can output thousands of one color (for example - red, blue or black) flyers within the hour!

Our Kodak ImageSource110 is a big bad boy - this machine can output 110 pages per minute, and you can have your flyers and copies in less time than it takes for your to browse through our Marketing Center with a FREE cup of coffee!

Our Canon ImageRunner can print or copy high quality monochrome images on a variety of stocks.
Our Color Twins - two Konica Minolta color copier-printer (with in-built RIP) machines can output pleasant color on card and text stocks.

In addition, we have two other Cacon Color Laser Printer / Copier machines (with Fiery RIP) and a Lanier B/W copier - all geared up and ready to go to work! Of course, we are constantly updating our equipment as well - we may even have the machine that we have not even listed here for Digital Printing and Copying purposes.

And remember, our Every Day Low prices cannot be matched by most of our competitors - but if find someone cheaper, we may even match or beat those prices as well - without compromising our mission of delivering your the Best Overall Value.
Why digital printing? Because -

- you don't need too many at the moment (small quantity)
- there is an event / meeting coming up and you need some now (fast)
- you don't want spend too much (less total cost)


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