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InnovaCorp offers a wide variety of Direct Mail Marketing and Fulfillment solutions. Our turnkey solutions include ...

Mail Lists & Sales Leads

Data Management Services

Mailpiece Concept & Design

Printing - Digital & Offset

Finishing - Folding, Inserting, Sealing

Addressing & Barcoding

Mailing - Standard or First Class

We can take pretty much any of your data files, convert them and analyze them using our AccuZip software them for Address Hygiene, and Save you postage money!

If don't already have a Mail List, we can provide you one - accurate, USPS-DPV tested, and affordable!

Contact us for details.



Printing Your Mail Piece
(Modified from the original article published in BusinessWise 2005, 'How effective is your marketing?' by Ven Kurvari)

If you are trying to reach another business, don't print your mail piece using the 'free' inkjet printer that came with computer. A seasoned B2B gatekeeper can pick out an under-capitalized operator quickly, and may perceive your business as sub-standard. Remember this, the inkjet printing has a distinct 'look', and is acceptable only for addressing purposes.

There are less expensive options for your printing and fulfillment needs that can also provide a better and more professional - more sophisticated look for your business (which will be expressed through the mail piece). InnovaCorp has in-house digital and offset printing capacity, and we specialize in providing cost-effective solutions for your Direct Mail marketing needs; call us; or, call our competitors and then call us!

See the price list for commonly used Direct Mail products under Printing in this website such as
Post Cards,
No.10 Business Envelopes,
Folded Self-Mailers, Magazines / Booklets etc.

If you have something in mind, some fancy die-cut mailpiece or another, unique-looking piece, we can do that as well! Imagination is not the limitation, if the budget is supportive!


If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.

--- Henry Ford

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