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We can take pretty much any of your data files, convert them and analyze them using our AccuZip software them for Address Hygiene, and Save you postage money!

If don't already have a Mail List, we can provide you one - accurate, USPS-DPV tested, and affordable!

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Cold Beer Sold Here
Developing Your Direct Mail Marketing Concept
(Originally published in BusinessWise, 2005 as part of an article, 'How effective is your marketing?' by Ven Kurvari)

A critical component of any marketing campaign, but also the one that is most often not well-thought out is the Offer - whatever it is you are proposing! The Offer must be relevant to the target database, and must fulfill a genuine need. The Offer is the 'deal' that gets your prospect's attention, interest and the desire. Make your offer appeal to the 'good business sense', but don't sensationalize into the unbelievable realm.

Commonly used Offers are 'Sales' and 'Discounts'. Since anyone can have a sale, how about a private sale for your premium customers or prospects? If you have repeat customers, how about a timed reminder? A free consultation in case of a professional? In the end, it's your call to figure out what works. Companies like ours that regularly help clients in Direct Mail marketing can probably give you some useful pointers, and may be able to help you avoid some obvious pitfalls. But there is really no substitute for 'your vision' and 'trial-and-error' process!

'Cold Beer Sold Here'
4 Critical Ingredients of Direct Mail

1. Attention. If you know what your customer wants, you know how to get his or her attention. Focus on a major benefit that your product offers, and dramatize it.

2. Interest. Once you have your customer's attention, try not to disappoint by backing up with details.

3. Desire. Create a strong desire in your customer by focusing on benefits, not features of your product.

4. Action. Ask for the order, and create an urgency by giving a reason to call or come by today.

Your Offer

A Product or Service not easily available.

Attractive Price, or is it free?

Appropriate Payment Terms

An Expiration Date - Not too long, not too short

Incentives to act. Buy one, get one free? A free gift?

A strong Warranty or Guarantee. Would 100% money back work for your business?



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