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BusinessWise is designed as a useful informational resource for the business community, featuring compelling and appealing articles on business matters by industry experts with direct involvement as practicing business owners and managers in Dallas Fort Worth area.

BusinessWise - the Magazine-style booklet - is a premier B2B Marketing Tool - a New and Elegant Way - to better enable businesspeople reach their prospects and clients, primarily other business owners and managers.

BusinessWise is target-mailed in the form of a magazine style booklet at pre-determined frequencies. Currently, it’s 12 pages, letter-size (8.5X11), with 80 lb. Gloss cover, and 80 lb. Gloss Text inside, printed using full color front and back, and inside pages in black.

BusinessWise is published several times a year, based on demand. The default frequency is quarterly - 4 times a year. Simultaneous production of multiple issues is also possible.

BusinessWise, in its current format, includes 3-4 short articles, with other ‘easy-to-follow’ useful information. The major contributor is highlighted under ‘In Focus’. Limited number of Advertisements are also accepted. Contributions accepted anytime.

BusinessWise accepts articles of interest in various capacities. At present, articles, advertisements, and client-testimonials can be contributed at the following levels:

Article Contributors: contribute an appealing article of interest to other business people, receives 10 complimentary copies, no financial costs, free publicity. (Option to buy and target-mail copies of the issue).

Marketing Partners: contribute an article or a testimonial from a client regarding a product or service (2-3 pages), pays for 100 or more copies of the issue (Option to mail to database of interest at additional cost).

Other levels of participation include Synergy Developer (the entire issue is focused on an industry or a group of industries with 3 or more articles or testimonials, develops synergy by using articles from related industries, or by focusing on many different offerings of the company, pays for 500 or more copies of the issue; option to mail to database of interest at additional cost) and as Custom Publisher (uses the BusinessWise format to develop a newsletter / magazine of own, pays for artwork layout or provides ready-to-output file, and all of the production costs; option to mail to database of interest at additional cost).

Advertisers: advertise in BusinessWise at very cost-effective rates.

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