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  Booklets are great if you have a large selection of products (which can be displayed in a systematic manner), or a complicated service offering (that needs elaborate explanation, nudging and nurturing of your prospects), or as a comprehensive catalog of your products and services.

Booklets serve a useful purpose if you are non-profit organization or an event-planner, and need to 'fix' an important event or a cultural program into a tangible product that the patrons can take home as a 'souvenir'.

Booklets can also be useful as a training manual or as a collection of related materials for a course.

In short, they are cheap alternatives for a real thing (a book)! However, booklets are not for everyone. They can be expensive, and require complex processes to put them together. Simplest and most economical are the saddle-stitched style (staple-binding).


Color attracts attention. More color attracts more!
According to one industry source, color increases readership by 40%, the desire to act on an offer by 30%, and the Ad recall by 20%!


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