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Innova Business Center offers a Private Office Room complete with a computer workstation for this purpose. The Vista computer has necessary, easy-to-use software applications that you can use to create your own stationery, brochures, marketing collaterals or campaigns. Of course, our knowledgeable staff is right there to help you with any 'roadblocks'. You can use the room for creative purposes, or as an office away from office - all this for only $29 per first hour and $25 per hour there after!





You Imagine, We Create.
We have extensive experience in Artwork Layout, Graphics, Design and related software applications. Our trained professionals will make sure that your artwork would look good whatever the final platform may be! Whether it's illustrations, maps, image-editing, or whatever, we can do it!

We provide professional solutions for all your graphic arts and marketing needs at very affordable prices. We won’t mumbo-jumbo about technology... just a well-grounded, common-sense based need fulfillment.

Whether it’s - logo design, artwork layout for a flyer, a tri-fold, a brochure, a catalog- presentations or slides, for an upcoming conference or a marketing campaign, or pre-press or printing digital or offset (1,2, or 4) color services, or website design and development services - graphic intensive or code-laden, or the new media solutions, CD presentations, printing & publishing, biz card CDs, etc., etc., we can find the right solution! Innovative alternatives at incredible prices!

When you want that professional look, but can’t pay a fortune, what do you do?
You call us!


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