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Why can't I use the image I got off a website on the internet?
Because of two major problems: 1. It may be copyright-protected, in which case you may be legally liable for infringement. 2. Low Resolution - the images on the web are designed for computer monitors (at 72 dpi). Printed pieces need 300 dpi resolution at final size.

Can I use pictures taken with a digital camera?
Yes, no and maybe. Yes, if your camera can take high resolution images 4-5 mega pixels or more, or roughly 300 dpi at final size of reproduction. No, if the camera is only capable of taking low resolution images meant mostly for web or inkjet printers. Maybe, when the picture quality is not critical, picture size is likely to be smaller, or the picture may be reproduced in one or two colors (and not full/four color).

I want to design my own stuff and send you the files for printing. How do I do that?
Great. You already have a pretty good idea of what you want and how you want, then there is probably no need to get outside help. To make it easy and efficient, follow these steps: 1. Read and try to follow our design tips and file prep suggestions. 2. Prepare your final files in a layout program like Microsoft Publisher or QuarkXPress. 3. Email or ftp your files to us and we will follow up and send you the proofs by fax or email.

How log does it take to print my job?
If it's One color job with minor finishing (bindery) work, it will take us about 2-3 business days after the artwork is finalized. If it's a Two color job with minor finishing (bindery) work, it will take us about 3-5 business days after the artwork is finalized. If it's a Full/Four color job with minor finishing (bindery) work, it will take us about 5-8 business days after the artwork is finalized.

But, if you need something in a hurry, we can do the job much earlier to suit your schedule. Not only that, depending on your account history with us, you may not even incur any extra rush charges!

How can I check the shipping status of my job?
At your request, we will provide you with the tracking number for the carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) . You can go to the carrier website (http://www.ups.com/ for example), and check the status of your job.

Do I always get the exact quantity I ordered?
No. The industry sets the under-run / over-run at +5-10%. Because printing is a manufacturing process with some wastage during the press run, it's a good idea to order more than the actual quantity you need. We try hard to minimize the wastage, and keep to a minimum. Nevertheless, some spoilage is unavoidable.

Where do I find out more about Postal Regulations for Direct Mail Marketing?
The best place is the U.S. Postal Service website. http://www.usps.com/ If you don't understand all the regulations fully, contact us. We work with a mailing company to provide you the best mailing solution.

What's RGB and CMYK?
RGB refers to the primary colors - red, green, and blue (subtractive colors) - the color format used by computer monitors, TVs and such. Here, you take white light and subtract RGB colors to create other colors.
CMYK refers to additive colors - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - which add up to black (or almost black because of the impurities in inks/pigments). CMYK does not reproduce all of the colors that RGB does, and thus there will be slight variation when an image is converted from RGB ot CMYK mode.

The printing press uses CMYK colors, and reproduces various colors (full color or hundreds of thousands of colors) by combining these four pigments.

If you have a specific question, and the topic is not addressed here, click here to send your question by email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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